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My Experiences on Goldage Forum

As you might all remember that Few Months back I posted the review about Goldage Forum with the Payment Proofs I earned from Goldage.

Now I will like to share the latest News from the Goldage Forum I earned more then 300 dollars so far from them in the last 7-8 months and the site is still bringing me lot of dollars every week.

I will also like to share more about the latest Huge contests which are currently running at this time on the forum.

1) The 1000 Dollars Competition In Partnership With InstaForex

Goldage Forum in Partnership with InstaForex brings You the Monthly $1000 Competition!

The five winners with the most posts at the end of the months gets the amount as a bonus on their trading accounts with InstaForex, they can use this money for trading and withdraw their profits. In case a winner doesn’t have a trading account, InstaForex will open one for them and add the bonus trading money.


1st Place: 300 USD
2nd Place: 250 USD
3rd Place: 200 USD
4th Place: 150 USD
5th Place: 100 USD

2) The GoldAge Free & Safe Lottery III

In the GoldAge lottery contest you can

1) get the tickets free!

2) get paid for every ticket!!
3) win the lottery prize!!!

You have to make 5 Valid Posts on the forums, excluding the following sections: GoldAge, Off Topic, M2M, M2M Archive, I’m Offering, I’m Looking For, HYIP/Surf Payment Reports & the International folders to get 1 Ticket into the contest.

For every valid ticket you earn $0.10!

When the number of 200 valid tickets are completed the contest will end & by drawing the moderators will choose 3 tickets to win $8 each!

3) Guess the top 5 winners of InstaForex contest – win 5$

This contest is based on the results of The 1000 Dollars Competition In Partnership With InstaForex that will be announced after 2nd February 2010 00:00 GMT !!

The concept is very simple!! You only have to guess the members who will place in the top 5 positions on February 2nd.

All members can guess as many times as you like, as long as someone else guesses in between, so no guesses twice in a row by the same person.The person who guess first all the 5 winners in the correct place of top 5 will win $5!

If 1 member gets 4,3,2 or 1 correct will win 1$ for each correct guess!!You can view top posters in last 30 days in GoldAge Homepage, look in the left sidebar under the Popular Tags.You can guess it till 28th January 2010 so hurry up!!

If you have any doubt about Goldage, feel free to ask me in here or on the Goldage Forum. my nick is haroon_angel and I am the senior member at the forum so I am always happy to help you to earn money online. Don’t forget to read the Frequently Asked Question first before asking anything.

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Last Post is the Winner! Get Paid to Chat.

How it works?

In a few words:      You will be paid to chat!

This means:

- Just keep posting in this thread. Every 1000 posts 5 posts will be picked randomly to win $1 each; one of them will be chosen as best post & get $4 more.

- Your post will be eligible for a prize if it’s part of a discussion between you & other members (the topic doesn’t matter)

- You can make non sense posts, push or make copy/paste posts, but you will earn nothing.

- Copy/Paste posts include: news, quotes, poems, jokes or anything you copied from another place.

- If you want a Copy/Paste post to be eligible, add a comment of yours to it, this may help.

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Members of the Day New Formula – $4 Daily !

From now on we’ll be choosing two daily winners as Members of the Day (Except on Mondays & Thursdays).

The winners will be chosen randomly by the team among members who made at least 5 posts during the day in the forum, excluding the following areas: Contests, M2M, M2M Archive, I’m Offering, I’m Looking For, HYIP/Surf Payment Reports & the International folders.

The posts should be of good quality, & a member can’t win in 2 days in a row.

The daily prizes are of $2 for each winner paid to EuroGoldCash & each member can win several times.

If you want to nominate a winner you are welcome to do so in this thread.

Happy posting & enjoy your stay on GoldAge!

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